SafeGuard APP行車安全軟體隱私權政策說明


a) 您的駕駛習慣:用於收集並分析使用者的駕駛行為。
b) GPS 衛星定位:用於記錄追蹤使用者行車時的即時位置。
c) 相機功能:紀錄當下使用者的駕駛事件,以利回溯當時情形。
d) 感測器功能:即時收集使用者的駕駛行為,以利改善駕駛習慣。
e) 本人手機與Email:用以軟體後續服務的聯絡,與使用者帳號之密碼忘記時的再次取得。
f) 親友手機與Email:使用者緊急事故發生時的主要聯絡人。

SafeGuard Driving Safety APP Privacy Policy

1. We fully agree that the privacy of individual is very important. But the use of this app is only under the structure of satellite positioning technology and the authenticity of the users. Therefore, the following functions may be required to be used when using this app; please do not use this app if you do not agree to do so.

2. The functions that will be used are as follows :
a) Your driving behavior : To analyze the driving behaviors based on the collected data
b) GPS : To track on locations when driving
c) Camera : To record the unpredictable event video while driving, in order to retrace the situation in periods
d) G sensor : To collect driving behaviors data in order to improve drivers' behaviors and awareness on driving safety
e) Your phone NO. and e-mail : For the follow-up services of the app, and for reacquire the password for login if it's forgotten
f) Friends or relatives' phone NO. and e-mail : The primary contact person to be urgently and immediately reached if user was in an emergency

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